Developing resilient, trauma-informed educators

Now more than ever, schools and districts need to invest in professional development for teachers. Equipping educators with interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and emotional well-being is necessary for building strong relationships and supporting students. Schedule a call with one of our specialists to discuss your challenges and ways we can help you meet your goals.

Adult SEL Experts

FuelEd develops emotionally-intelligent educators who create relationship-driven schools and is one of the very few providers that focus on adult social-emotional competency as a foundation for school and student outcomes.

Our Programs

Workshops & Webinars

Short, virtual, skills-based programs provide practical and powerful tools that can be implemented right away. From our Trauma & Transitions workshop to webinars like Leading In Crisis, and Managing Teacher Overwhelm, these engagements offer a critical foundation in adult social-emotional learning (SEL).

Empathy School

This five-hour online training in the art and science of effective listening will help participants develop professional and personal relationships that are more productive, more satisfying, and that foster a healthy school culture where adults and students thrive.

Whole Educator Collective

Our flagship 12-hour, multi-day virtual intensive shepherds a cohort of educators through the experience of better knowing themselves to better care for others. This leadership training supports the development of transformative changes in individuals and systemic changes in schools and districts.


FuelEd programs are going to make you a stronger and more effective leader and person. It's like teaching the whole adult. Thank you for changing my life with FuelEd!

Destiny Shantell Woodbury

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Anchor School

Articles about adult SEL

Secret Sauce

A Conversation with FuelEd Founder, Megan Marcus

FuelEd founder, Megan Marcus, shares more of FuelEd’s history and where she sees the organization going in the future.

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Science: How Relationships Drive Learning

Our work at FuelEd is based on the principle that relationships drive learning. This first of four foundational articles outlines the scientific basis for our philosophy, how learning through relationship works, and why this knowledge matters to educators.

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Rethinking “Tough Love”

Instead of preparing students to succeed in a world that values compliance, schools have the potential to equip students to build a happier, healthier, more whole world.

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