Invest in Educator Wellbeing

We are building a new world.

A world of possibilities, where education is the gateway to liberation, prosperity, and happiness.

Please join us this giving season with a donation to FuelEd and put relationships at the heart of education by investing in the emotional and social well-being of educators.

Support All Educators

Invest in Safe Spaces

Support the cultivation of free, safe spaces for educators to learn skills, receive care, and build community! Your gift not only enables us to offer free, accessible content for those who nurture and grow our children every day, but you are also investing directly in our trainers - educators themselves - who continue to show up and bring care to our community.


A gift of $25-$200 will:

  • Develop educators emotionally through free workshops
  • Build educator empathy by modeling and holding safe spaces
  • Provide educators with the attention and care they deserve

Support Alumni

Invest in Ongoing Care

Support free online spaces for our alumni to be cared for by FuelEd and offer care to one another. We know that educators who receive a combination of training and support showcase increased wellness, self-awareness, and improved relationships. Our educator spaces include free community gatherings as well as Alumni spaces that include Empathy Circles and the Stewardship Network.


A gift of $250-$500 will:

  • Coach educators to create relationship-centered solutions to problems such as inequity in discipline
  • Empower educators to form peer communities centered on personal growth and connection
  • Enable the development of more intentional spaces for alumni care and development

Support Leaders

Invest in Communities

Safe communities are created by healthy, developed leaders. Your gift increases access for more educators to develop the interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and emotional well-being necessary to build strong relationships in their schools.


Your gift of $950 will:

  • Make our flagship program and ongoing care accessible to one more educational leader
  • Empower that educator with the skills, self-awareness, and support necessary to care for their community
  • Support the expansion and engagement of our FuelEd Alumni network

Support Systems

Invest in Sustainability

Support a team of educators in attending one of our transformative sessions. These teams can then go on to shape policies and practices that orient classroom, school, and district systems toward a focus on relationships.


A gift of $5,000 - $10,000 will:

  • Help catalyze a team of educators to create lasting change in their districts or communities
  • Support large-scale capacity building at a school, district or organizational site
  • Exponentially increase the impact of your investment by growing cohesive teams of relationship-driven changemakers

Why We Invest In Educators

We are building a new world.

A world of possibilities, where education is the gateway to liberation, prosperity, and happiness.

A world that centers on wholeness and honors the fullness and complexity of all people.

A world that understands that the most extraordinary power we hold is the power within, not over.

And this is why we celebrate the educator.

We nurture the teacher, the leader, whose passion paves the way to brighter futures.

We catalyze the dreamer — those audacious enough to imagine new ways of living and being.

Those who seek a happier, healthier, and more whole life. We know the path is not easy.

That to repair community means to reckon with history. That to dismantle systems means to reimagine new pathways.

But we understand, too, that through community, all things are possible.

We are building a new world.

And people will forever be its center.


Nicole Cecchini, Partner - Norfolk VA

Nicole Cecchini

Partner - Norfolk VA

Kelly Hubbell-Hinton, Partner - Houston TX

Kelly Hubbell-Hinton

Partner - Houston TX

Grace Ifeanyichukwu, Partner & Board Member - Houston TX

Grace Ifeanyichukwu

Partner & Board Member - Houston TX

Megan Marcus, Partner & Founder - San Diego CA

Megan Marcus

Partner & Founder - San Diego CA

Kelley Munger, Partner - Atlanta GA

Kelley Munger

Partner - Atlanta GA

Sarah Mushlin, Partner - Livermore CA

Sarah Mushlin

Partner - Livermore CA


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