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Counselor Accents - Podcast

In this episode, Counselor Accents speak with Megan Marcus and Kelley Munger from FuelEd about:

  • how educators can heal student trauma through relationships, and the need for educators to first do their own healing
  • how equipping educators with relationship skills can make school counselors jobs easier and better
  • how the best student SEL is actually educator SEL

A podcast for school counselors, Counselor Accents is hosted by Kim Crumbley and Laura Rankhor, two self-proclaimed "counselors who love our jobs, and we happen to have southern accents, bless our hearts." Tune in for a fun conversation where they chat with Megan and Kelley of FuelEd about how educators can heal student trauma through relationships, and the need for educators to first do their own healing.

The most efficient, powerful, loving way to approach student SEL is through teacher SEL

Kelley Munger

Partner, FuelEd

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About the author

Kelley Munger


Kelley holds a BA in English from Auburn University, an MA in Teaching from Lee University, and an MA in Counseling Psychology from Covenant Seminary. She completed her PhD in Early Intervention and Special Education at the University of Oregon in 2019. Kelley is a researcher and licensed therapist working in the areas of trauma, adult attachment, special education, and human development. She is passionate about leveraging the power of relationships to promote developmental flourishing across the lifespan.

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