The FuelEd Family

Our Team

FuelEd aspires to be an organization where people feel understood and valued for who they are. A place where people are reminded of their inherent worth and incredible potential through the power of acceptance. A place where people have the freedom to be themselves and experience limitless growth.

Transformative culture

In 2017, FuelEd transitioned from a hierarchical structure to a flat or “self-managed” organization whereby power is distributed to all Partners of the organization. This innovative structure allows for autonomy and flexibility to both individual and collectively pursue our mission.

Our Values

We believe in wholeness.

We believe that human potential is squandered when people are unable to be their true selves in the workplace.

We believe in growing people.

We believe people grow best in relationships, and so we grow ourselves and others by creating space for empathic, genuine, and unconditionally accepting relationships.

We believe in evolutionary purpose.

We believe FuelEd and its individual team members have their own purpose and sense of direction. We listen and understand what we are drawn to become, and where the organization naturally wants to go.

We believe in mission-driven work.

We believe in working as a team with conviction, energy and care in order to honor our mission of developing emotionally-intelligent educators that create relationship-driven schools.

We believe in the distribution of power and work.

We believe in the power to consent and object, value freedom and equality, and encourage collaborative self-governance to create strong systems that are resilient, self-organized, transformative and coherently structured.

We believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We believe in designing for equity as a means to heal from historical trauma and transform systems of oppression.

Our Partners

Jane Briguglio, Partner - Wappingers Fall NY

Jane Briguglio

Partner - Wappingers Fall NY

Nicole Cecchini, Partner - Norfolk VA

Nicole Cecchini

Partner - Norfolk VA

Kelly Hubbell-Hinton, Partner - Houston TX

Kelly Hubbell-Hinton

Partner - Houston TX

Megan Marcus, Partner & Founder - San Diego CA

Megan Marcus

Partner & Founder - San Diego CA

Kelley Munger, Partner - Atlanta GA

Kelley Munger

Partner - Atlanta GA

Sarah Mushlin, Partner - Livermore CA

Sarah Mushlin

Partner - Livermore CA

Our Trainers

Angelina Brown-Hudson, Trainer - Houston TX

Angelina Brown-Hudson

Trainer - Houston TX

Shundra Cannon, Trainer - Houston TX

Shundra Cannon

Trainer - Houston TX

Hannah Castle, Trainer - Houston TX

Hannah Castle

Trainer - Houston TX

Sherene Flemmings, Trainer - Houston TX

Sherene Flemmings

Trainer - Houston TX

Rebecca Guillory, Trainer - Houston TX

Rebecca Guillory

Trainer - Houston TX

Brian Jaffe, Trainer - Houston TX

Brian Jaffe

Trainer - Houston TX

Dottie Lawrence, Trainer - Houston TX

Dottie Lawrence

Trainer - Houston TX

Kamilah McShine-Gregory, Trainer - Houston TX

Kamilah McShine-Gregory

Trainer - Houston TX

LaVondia Menephee, Trainer - Houston TX

LaVondia Menephee

Trainer - Houston TX

Danielle Christiana Mullings, Trainer - Houston TX

Danielle Christiana Mullings

Trainer - Houston TX

Damanique Williams, Trainer & Counselor - Houston TX

Damanique Williams

Trainer & Counselor - Houston TX

Mica Segal de la Garza, Trainer - Houston, TX

Mica Segal de la Garza

Trainer - Houston, TX

Sheila Whittle, Trainer - Houston, TX

Sheila Whittle

Trainer - Houston, TX

Derrick Espadas, Trainer - Tucson, AZ

Derrick Espadas

Trainer - Tucson, AZ

Minna Kim, Trainer - Baltimore, MD

Minna Kim

Trainer - Baltimore, MD

Megan Goodrich, Trainer - Durham, NC

Megan Goodrich

Trainer - Durham, NC

Our Board

Haliday Douglas, Board President

Haliday Douglas

Board President

Tirzah Enumah, Board Member

Tirzah Enumah

Board Member

Gregory Harrison, Board Member

Gregory Harrison

Board Member

Grace Ifeanyichukwu, Partner & Board Member - Houston TX

Grace Ifeanyichukwu

Partner & Board Member - Houston TX

Stephanie Itano, Board Secretary

Stephanie Itano

Board Secretary

Megan Marcus, Partner & Founder - San Diego CA

Megan Marcus

Partner & Founder - San Diego CA

Pamela McVeagh-Lally, Board Member

Pamela McVeagh-Lally

Board Member

Katiusca Moreno, Board Member

Katiusca Moreno

Board Member

Valerie Shapiro, Board Member

Valerie Shapiro

Board Member

Rhea Suh, Board Treasurer

Rhea Suh

Board Treasurer

Diana Zarzuelo, Board Member

Diana Zarzuelo

Board Member

Our Advisory Board

Tina Payne Bryson, Advisory Board Member

Tina Payne Bryson

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Louis Cozolino, Advisory Board Member

Dr. Louis Cozolino

Advisory Board Member

Allen Grossman, Advisory Board Memeber

Allen Grossman

Advisory Board Memeber

Dr. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Advisory Board Member

Dr. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang

Advisory Board Member

Ellen Moir, Advisory Board Member

Ellen Moir

Advisory Board Member

Scott Morgan, Advisory Board Member

Scott Morgan

Advisory Board Member

Gary Orren, Advisory Board Member

Gary Orren

Advisory Board Member

David Osher, Advisory Board Member

David Osher

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Philip Riley, Advisory Board Member

Dr. Philip Riley

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl, Advisory Board Member

Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Daniel Siegel, Advisory Board Member

Dr. Daniel Siegel

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Ivor Weiner, Advisory Board Member

Dr. Ivor Weiner

Advisory Board Member

Monique Burns Thompson, Advisory Board Member

Monique Burns Thompson

Advisory Board Member

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