Capacity Building Program for Scaling Empathic Communication

Growing Empathy

Growing Empathy is a powerful, cost-effective, capacity-building model designed to scale the use of empathic communication throughout an entire district or school ecosystem.

Growing Empathy helps education leaders build and sustain school climates where emotionally secure relationships drive teaching and learning, foster wellbeing and create successful caring communities.

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Catalyzing a caring, relationship-driven school community

Why Choose Growing Empathy

Growing empathy accelerates the creation of relationship-driven classrooms and schools where teaching and learning thrive. It makes schools and districts more successful by expanding the use of empathic communications to generate positive school climates where a sense of community, connection and collective care are the norm.

Watch this introductory video on the Science of Relationships to experience the type of rich video content included in our Growing Empathy program.


School and district partners who implement Growing Empathy benefit from:

  • a deeper sense of community and belonging amongst teachers, leaders, and staff
  • scaling and reinforcement of empathic listening and communication skills district or school-wide
  • a greater capacity to reach and teach more educators about using empathy to promote learning, exploration, and growth than through direct service alone
  • campus-based educators who are well-equipped to drive forward and sustain relationship-driven teaching and learning
  • Demonstrating to their school community a commitment to climates of collective care that support educator and student emotional well-being


Program Implemention

The Growing Empathy program is a follow-up program to either our Whole Educator Collective or Empathy School professional learning. The FuelEd team provides training and ongoing support to a select group of on-site educators who then lead the Growing Empathy learning experience over the course of a year within your district or school. Growing Empathy transfers knowledge and skills from FuelEd to district leaders and educators with the following capacity-build program components.

Contact us to learn more about the content and facilitation materials in our Growing Empathy program and discuss how implementation can be customized to meet your needs.



  • Two, 3-hour facilitator training sessions
  • Full access to FuelEd's Growing Empathy learning platform including new, rich video content, a comprehensive facilitator’s guide, and detailed participant workbook (8 hours of lessons)
  • A module dedicated to "skill application," through the adoption of a new school-wide practice, stewardship, for instilling a culture of empathy
  • Flexible delivery model for implementation - designed to fit within existing school schedules
  • Up to eight hours of coaching support throughout the year for Growing Empathy facilitators
  • Up to three hours of progress monitoring and implementation support for district leaders

Using empathy to build the relationships that drive learning

Growing Empathy

Teachers and leaders who participate in our Growing Empathy program learn and experience the power of empathic listening and communication to promote well-being, learning, and growth. They gain the relationship skills needed to carry this work forward into classrooms and schools.

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Following the training, educators will be skilled at...

  • Articulate the scientific benefits of empathy
  • Explore personal strengths and weaknesses in empathic communication
  • Recognize “empathy blockers” and learn how to avoid them
  • Demonstrate greater awareness of others’ perspective, feelings, thoughts, needs, and values
  • Activate and practice new skills of empathic listening with adults and students

What Educators Are Saying...

Schools can be stressful places but, if everyone follows the components of the Growing Empathy series, then I think that they would have the tools needed to achieve a more positive outcome.


Houston, TX

It helps teachers build relationships that truly support each other.


Aldine ISD, TX

It made me a more aware, attentive, deliberate, and intentional listener in all daily interactions.



It helps create a positive school culture where all stakeholders are listened to.



It made me a better teacher.





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