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While the pandemic may be behind us, the effects of trauma, stress, social-emotional challenges, and learning deficits persist. Fortunately, by harnessing the power of relationships, district leaders can support healing and promote learning exploration and growth. Our programs are designed to help you do just that.

Your Challenges

Emotional distress in adolescents has doubled during the pandemic, with 25% of youth experiencing depression and 20% experiencing anxiety.

92% of educators say teaching is more stressful than ever.

Nationally, nearly half—45%—of principals say that the pandemic has prompted them to start thinking about leaving the profession.

Our Solution

While the challenges are unprecedented, the solution is relatively simple. As district leaders, you need to figure out how to create supportive relationships and safe work cultures ASAP. But how? How do you carve out the time? What can you do to make educators feel seen and valued so they can better support your students? While adult SEL and educator wellness are the new buzzwords, you need tangible things to do now that will make a difference in the long run.

FuelEd is uniquely positioned to support you, with a decade of experience working with districts to improve educator wellness and adult SEL. We’ve helped thousands of educators renew their commitment to the profession and upgrade their practice at the same time.

Our trainings aren’t fluffy stuff: we’ve translated the latest science from psychology, child development, counseling, and neuroscience into engaging trainings that are easy to understand and can be implemented efficiently.

You care about your teachers. Your teachers need your support. And we are here to support you.

How We Can Help You

Strong leaders, strong teachers.

Your self-awareness as a leader is critical to your staff feeling seen and safe. That’s why we start with a journey of social and emotional growth for you.

Strong skills, strong relationships.

Next, we’ll help your staff grow their capacity to build secure relationships through evidence-based training in the science, skills, and self-awareness of secure attachment.

Strong connections, strong cultures.

Then, we’ll help you strengthen the web of relationships in your district through simple, powerful relational and cultural practices.

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"This year has been especially difficult with teacher shortages and staff having their own family problems. Because of FuelEd, I have impacted my staff ten times more than any other year. I learned how to consider my staff’s feelings, advocate for them, and justify more wellness activities. Without the skills and techniques I learned, I probably would have quit."

"Before FuelEd, I was tired all of the time. I now have more mental and physical stamina, less stress, and more energy. When I feel my energy levels hit a low point, I go back to my materials and re-center."

“I’ve been to so many trainings, but this one has been embedded in my life. I have a newfound confidence to talk about my feelings. We try to suppress them but they still come out regardless. FuelEd’s training has helped me know what to do with my feelings— especially when triggered.”

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Resilience is relational.

Let’s make your school system a safer place for adults and children to connect and grow.