One-Day Skills Training

Empathy School

When teachers, school leaders, and district administrators are more empathic, they develop more productive and satisfying relationships which results in a healthy school cultures where students and adults thrive. Learn more about our premiere empathy training for educators designed to teach the art and science of effective listening.

The Art & Science of Effective Listening

Empathy School

A five-hour, in-person training on the art and science of effective listening, Empathy School develops in educators the capacity to understand another person’s feelings or perspectives and to communicate understanding to that person.

Empathy School combines interactive activities, group discussion, skills training, role-play, and reflection to help educators master the four components of empathy.

For more information on the content and curriculum of Empathy School, request a presentation.


Following the training, educators will be able to...

  • Articulate the benefits of empathy for building relationships that drive learning
  • Explore personal strengths and weaknesses in empathic communication
  • Recognize other's perspective, feelings, thoughts, needs and values
  • Identify "empathy blockers" and avoid them
  • Use new empathic listening skills when interacting with others
  • Practice staying out of judgement
  • Better connect with and emotionally support students, peers and family members

What Educators Are Saying...

Thank you for recognizing the importance and power of this work and for creating this program. Walking away, I am convinced that this is the work from which all the rest of our work as teachers (as humans, really) extends. It has given me the tools to empathize and navigate some difficult conversations. It changes a thousand small things all at once . . . this year is different. I am different.


San Diego, CA

Empathy School gives you an opportunity to practice what you’re going to take back to your campus. Not only does this apply to my professional life but personal as well. Thank you so much!

Houston, TX

Instructional Coach

I had one teacher, a long time veteran tell me that this was the best teacher professional development she has ever been involved was fantastic. So eye-opening for many people and much different from the professional development they are used to getting.

Houston, TX


Everyone needs this. Personally, I have had a series of really great leadership conversations as a result of the training. I didn't go in thinking I'm going to use what I learned, per se, it was just naturally a better conversation, more authentic because of how I grew in this training.

The FuelEd trainers did a great job and all of the feedback we got back represented the highest validation you can get, really.

Atlanta, GA

Executive Director

This training gave me critical self awareness that is missing from other teacher professional development. It was new to me. That means it is new to everyone else to 'cause I've been around a hot minute. It fundamentally informed how I look at the campus work.

Denver, CO

School Director


Can I train my staff after receiving this training?
Empathy School is for educators to experience on their own. If you would like to become a FuelEd trainer please send us a message at

Will I get materials?
All participants will receive a workbook to follow along with and take notes.

Do you offer CEUs for this session?
YES, in Texas. FuelEd is a Continuing Professional Education Provider through the Texas Education Agency. By attending Empathy School you are eligible to receive 5 continuing professional education credit hours. At the close of our program, we will provide you with a certificate of completion upon request.

According to The Texas Education Agency, you are not required to send your certificate to the Texas Education Agency. You are, however, required to maintain your certificate as documentation in case you are audited by TEA.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or the Texas Education Agency at or (512) 463-5280.

Can I come late or leave early?
Every minute of the training is critical both for the information as well as the relationships you will be building so we require attendance for the entirety of the program.

Is it permitted to leave during lunchtime?
Unless there is an emergency we ask that you stay with your cohort for lunch and promise to feed you something delicious!

What if I need to cancel?
Your cancellation policy has been outlined in your service agreement so please contact the program implementation lead at your institution for more information.


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