Counseling for educators

FuelEd believes wholeheartedly in the need for every educator in America to be matched with a well-trained, person-centered counselor. Download our counseling one-pager or our comprehensive counseling guide to support your search.

Our Service In Numbers


Hours of individual counseling provided to educators across the state of Texas from 2012-2020


Educators and administrators served by FuelEd therapists


Pre K-12 schools and districts given access to person-centered counseling

The legacy of FuelEd's counseling practice

In 2013, FuelEd launched its innovative counseling service aimed at supporting the social-emotional development and wellbeing of teachers and school leaders. As a pioneer at the intersection of mental health, wellness, and education, FuelEd had the privilege of providing over 13,000 hours of counseling to teachers and school leaders throughout the state of Texas.

Driven by a wholehearted belief in the need for every educator in America to be matched with a well-trained, person-centered counselor, in 2018 FuelEd added a virtual counseling option aimed at increasing accessibility for alumni living outside of Texas.

Since then, FuelEd’s efforts have been focused on integrating eight years of hands-on experience as practitioners of person-centered therapy with a mission to create therapeutic experiences for all educators. In late 2019, with an eye toward broader systems change, FuelEd decided to discontinue direct counseling services and instead focus on providing resources for educators through new support services that approximate the experience of counseling and new initiatives that promote counseling for all educators.

Counseling Resources

We invite you to utilize one of the websites below to search for a therapist who can support your unique experience:

Inclusive Therapists is an organization designed to match you with a provider that can most understand your identity.

Latinx Therapy is a directory of therapists specializing in addressing needs of the Latinx community.

Melanin and Mental Health focuses on reducing the stigma of mental health in Black and Latinx communities while also increasing the number of clinicians of color to serve those communities.

Pride Counseling is online counseling focused on the LGBTQ+ community.

Regain offers both individual and couples therapy.

Therapy for Black Girls is a searchable directory to find therapy for Black women. There are other helpful resources on the site as well.

Therapy for Black Men is a searchable directory of therapists and coaches for Black men.

Though we no longer provide direct counseling services, FuelEd has supported many therapists in their certification and licensure. Below are just a few of these amazing individuals.

Sheryl Boyd, Counselor - Austin TX

Sheryl Boyd

Counselor - Austin TX

Mohadev Bhattacharyya, Counselor - Austin TX

Mohadev Bhattacharyya

Counselor - Austin TX

Corey Dossey, Counselor - Houston TX

Corey Dossey

Counselor - Houston TX

Jarmila Hennelova, Counselor - Houston TX

Jarmila Hennelova

Counselor - Houston TX

Charmecia Morris, Counselor - Austin TX

Charmecia Morris

Counselor - Austin TX

Farrah Seipert, Counselor - Houston TX

Farrah Seipert

Counselor - Houston TX

Nancy Southern, Counselor - Houston TX

Nancy Southern

Counselor - Houston TX

Randi Waller, Counselor - Houston TX

Randi Waller

Counselor - Houston TX

Damanique Williams, Trainer & Counselor - Houston TX

Damanique Williams

Trainer & Counselor - Houston TX


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