Teacher Training in SEL

Educator Wellness is Urgent

Learn how to build a simple, powerful, and sustainable system for educator support and care in your school, district, or organization.

Where To Start

We know that you are trying to develop the social-emotional skills of your students, and yet to develop whole children you first need to equip your educators with the skills and self-awareness they need to stay healthy, happy, and regulated.

Our Value Proposition


Our training is focused on making your educators feel seen, valued, and heard - all prerequisites to whole educators who can foster a healthy school climate.


Based on neuroscience, our programs then equip educators with skills to help others feel seen and heard, a prerequisite to being trauma-informed.


Finally, educators apply their enhanced self-awareness and new skills with colleagues - preparing them to lead and model healthy school culture.


Why FuelEd?

A Unique Approach

FuelEd serves as a critical missing piece in both educator preparation and the field of social-emotional learning. As one of the few providers that focus on adult social-emotional competency as a lever for school and student outcomes, FuelEd combines in-person and virtual training and ongoing alumni support to develop educators' interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and emotional well-being. These opportunities ensure every educator can build secure relationships that provide the conditions for optimal learning and development.


FuelEd alumni have learned to

  • Understand the impact of relationships and trauma on the developing brain and its capacity to learn
  • Recognize the different types of attachment styles and how to work with them
  • Gain self-awareness about why certain student or adult behaviors trigger them
  • Identify their own attachment style, how it developed, and how it impacts them
  • Learn empathic listening skills for more compassionate relationships
  • Learn genuine communication skills to build more honest relationships
  • Unpack their own trauma and build more secure relationships with adults and children

Stories of Transformation

The work you do is inspiring and truly has the potential to transform education. Thank you.

Teaching is a very demanding art both time-wise and psychologically. You go through a lot - setbacks, poor results - and you need to be grounded. FuelEd played a big role this year keeping me centered.

I am a very reflective person, but FuelEd has allowed me not to take myself so seriously, not to be so hard on myself.

I struggled to support and connect with staff members I led due to my personal attachment style and triggers. Through FuelEd, I was able to better understand why I had the reactions and relationships I had, and was better able to navigate my response in situations and be more transparent about my needs while listening to understand the needs of others more effectively. I still have work to do and am excited about continuing the program.

FuelEd is amazing and such a great tool for any educator because you learn to look at things in a more understanding way and it works. You're able to reach kids that normally would be overlooked or given up on.

Most of my students either passed or showed improvement on their state tests - especially the ones with whom I utilized FuelEd strategies.

FuelEd’s workshops helped me understand some of the factors that may be affecting both myself and my students, and how that can be used to build a relationship or build a wall with my students.

FuelEd’s combination of research, understanding, application of skills, and personal development truly helped me to become more self-aware of my personal interactions both inside and outside of work so that I could better lead the people I work with toward successfully being secure attachment figures for our students.

Let's Support Your Team Together

We know how challenging and how rewarding education can be - let us support you in making your staff, students, and community feel happy, healthy, and whole. Get in touch!


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