Educator Professional Development

Trauma & Transitions

Now more than ever, schools and districts need to invest in professional development for teachers. Equipping staff with interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and emotional well-being is necessary for building trauma-informed educators. Schedule a call with one of our specialists to discuss your challenges and ways we can help you meet your goals.


Program Details

A 90-minute program that provides foundational knowledge on the science of trauma, reflective space to process personal experiences, and a research-based strategy and framework to support educators in integrating trauma-informed practices.

Bring Trauma & Transitions to your campus, district, or organization.


Participants will develop new skills for building relationships as they learn how to:

  • Identify how stress and trauma impact physical and emotional well-being
  • Recognize the indicators of trauma and stress in ourselves and others
  • Reflect on one’s own experiences of trauma and loss
  • Develop strategies for self-regulation and self-care during stressful transitions
  • Develop skills to process and address student stress and trauma

What Educators Are Saying About FuelEd Programs

Thank you for recognizing the importance and power of this work and for creating this program. Walking away, I am convinced that this is THE work from which all the rest of our work as teachers (as humans, really) extends. It has given me the tools to empathize and navigate some difficult conversations. It changes a thousand small things all at once . . . This year is different. I am different.


San Diego CA.

It gives you an opportunity to practice what you’re going to take back to your campus. Thank you so much.

Not only does this apply to my professional life but personal as well.

Instructional Coach

Houston, TX.

I had one teacher, a LONG time veteran tell me that this was THE best adult PD she has ever been involved in . . . it was fantastic. It was eye-opening at the very least for many people and much different from the PD they are used to getting.


Houston, TX.

I thought it was great. Your folks did a great job. It was great for me personally and for the group. All of the feedback we got back was very high. The highest validation you can get really.

Everyone needs this. Personally I have had a series of really great leadership convos. I didn't go in thinking I'm going to use my FuelEd, it was just naturally a better conversation, more authentic.

Executive Director

Atlanta, GA.

The training gave me critical self awareness that is missing from other PD. It was a new to me. That means it is new to everyone else to - I've been around a hot minute. It fundamentally informed how I look at the campus work.

School Director in Training

Denver, CO.

Why FuelEd?

Many initiatives in the SEL space focus on the social and emotional development of the student, but educators cannot possibly model this work if they have not developed personally first, nor can they be truly “trauma-informed” if they have not processed and healed from their own trauma.

With over 8 years of experience developing the emotional intelligence and self-awareness of educators, FuelEd is the premier provider for adult social-emotional learning, helping educators grow into secure attachment figures that build the kinds of relationships that heal trauma, promote brain growth, and produce optimal learning.


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