You are beyond tired.

Supporting Teachers

Being an educator requires more energy than ever, but you’re likely not receiving extra support. You’ve poured yourself out. This is not how it’s supposed to be. You might be wondering, “I love my students, but how do I keep going?

92% of educators said teaching is more stressful than ever.
48% of educators say they have considered leaving the field recently.
52% of educators say their workload is not sustainable.

How am I supposed to take care of myself?

You’re not. You need a community, not another thing to add to your list. You need to be seen as you, not as a superhero.

Our community of educators was built with you in mind. The tired you. The hopeful you. The persevering you. The overwhelmed you. The resilient you. The burnt-out you. The you that needs to be seen, relieved, and empowered during one of the most stressful seasons in the history of education. You have a story that needs to be heard and empathized with, and so we’ve created safe spaces for you. And, you’re craving real skills to deal with real problems, sometimes in a toxic school climate, and our experiential trainings can provide you with the practical skills of trauma-informed teaching and social emotional learning.

FuelEd is uniquely positioned to support you, with a decade of experience helping educators improve their emotional well-being, mental health, and relationship skills.

You care about teaching. You need more support and self-care. Your mental health comes first. We have a plan to help.

Here’s the plan.

You need education.

We start with teaching you the latest science of attachment and trauma, giving you an entirely new lens for seeing students and colleagues for who they really are.

You need empathy.

Next, we help you make sense of your own story and equip you with powerful relationship skills–growing your self-awareness, self-compassion, and empathy.

You need empowerment.

Being cared for by others helps you care for yourself. And when you feel seen, it’s easier to help others feel seen. That’s why we provide ongoing spaces for you to experience empathy and connection firsthand.


“This training has helped me cultivate stronger and healthier relationships with my family and friends. It’s made me reflective on my experiences and practices and given me someone to talk to so I'm not carrying the weight of everything around me. This way, I can show up better for my students.”

“FuelEd inspired me to go to therapy. It helped me move away from survival and look at myself as a human being, not just a teacher. This helped me to take care of myself.”

“I have new language for feelings and new skills for being more genuine in relationships with others. I now know how to speak my truth and how that can live together with empathy.”

Fuel your practice.

You want to stay in the profession, but the status quo doesn’t feel sustainable. You don’t need to become a statistic. Let’s work together to renew your commitment to the profession and level-up your practice at the same time.

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